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Published: Friday 10th August, 2018

How Many Radio Mics Can You Use At Once

by Andrew Hughes – 10th August, 2018

Radio Mic Systems

We’re often asked to supply a large number of radio mics for a single project. When this happens we take the time to explain the licensing limitations, and how we overcome them. Andrew Hughes explains the issues.

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Published: Monday 16th April, 2018

Choosing The Right Microphone For Stage Performances

by Andrew Hughes and Graham Caplin – 12th April, 2018

Choosing The Right Microphone

Choosing the right microphone can be confusing, and it seems as if a degree in electronics would be a bonus! Schools, conferences, the entertainment industry and a dozen other areas use microphones all the time. Are all these people technical geniuses? Rest assured, you don’t need a university degree to pick the right microphone for the job. In this article we’ll explain some basic terminology, and provide a guide to making the right choice every time.

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Published: Wednesday 3rd January, 2018

I Am Who I Am, or Proving My Identity

by Graham Caplin – 3rd January, 20187


We like to think that we’ve made the process of hiring equipment as easy as possible. But even so we’re always looking at ways to improve without compromising the information we give to our customers, or maintaining our security. However to simplify things in the long-term, we have to check the identity of all first-time customers. In this article I’ll explain the steps we take before a first-time hire, and why we do this.

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Published: Monday 4th December, 2017

Christmas Opening Hours 2017

by Graham Caplin – 4th December, 2017

Here are our opening hours for the 2017 festive period:

Friday 22nd December10am – 6pm
Saturday 23rd DecemberCLOSED
Sunday 24th DecemberCLOSED
Monday 25th DecemberCLOSED
Tuesday 26th DecemberCLOSED
Wednesday 27th December10am – 6pm
Thursday 28th December10am – 6pm
Friday 29th December10am – 6pm
Saturday 30th DecemberCLOSED
Sunday 31st DecemberCLOSED
Monday 1st JanuaryCLOSED
Tuesday 2nd January10am – 6pm

From all of us at Radio Facilities we wish you a very merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Published: Tuesday 28th November, 2017

Can Taxis and Wifi Cause Radio Mic Interference?

by Andrew Hughes – 28th November, 2017

radio mic interference 1

Of course the answer is that radio mic interference is highly unlikely and has never happened to one of our customers yet. However it’s one of the questions we get asked most frequently. You’re hiring radio mics for your school play, but are you going to pick up the local taxi company during that crucial scene? The short answer is “no” and here’s our beginners’ guide to the reason why.

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Published: Thursday 12th October, 2017

Becoming a Voice Over Artist

by Andrew Hughes – 12th October, 2017

becoming a voice over artist - microphone

Our tips on becoming a voice over artist, to help decide if it’s the right career for you.

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Published: Monday 25th September, 2017

Setting up the Peavey Messenger Lite Small PA System

by Graham Caplin – 25th September, 2017

The Peavey Messenger Lite Small PA System

The Peavey Messenger Lite small PA system is deceptively powerful, and very easy to setup. This guide will lead you through a few easy steps from opening the flightcase to operating the equipment.

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Published: Wednesday 16th August, 2017

Preparing for a Radio Day in the Studio

by Andrew Hughes – 16th August, 2017

Denise Welch and Dr Hilary Jones

Denise Welch and Dr Hilary Jones during a recent radio day

We regularly receive radio day bookings in our studio from PR companies. In reality, we should probably re-name these “radio PR mornings”. Most clients tend to find that 3-4 hours in the morning is quite sufficient to hit the required number of radio stations!

Sometimes a new agency approached us who have never done a radio day before and ask us what paperwork they need to supply us with in advance. Here’s our guide to the necessary paperwork.

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