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What’s The Range Of A Walkie Talkie?

by Andrew Hughes – updated: 7th April, 2022

Motorola GP340 Two-Way Radios

We’ve been hiring Motorola radios for several years now, and there are three questions that everyone wants the answer to:

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Show Us Your Show, And Get 10% Off Your Next Hire!

by Graham Caplin – 19th January, 2022

Live Sound Engineering

We hear plenty of stories about the shows and events our customers are involved in, but we rarely get to see the results. So we would love to see what you do using our hire kit! Send in your photos and videos for us to post on our social media feeds – giving you the credit of course – and in return, if we use your content we’ll give you a 10% discount on your next hire with us.

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Podcast Picks: December 2021

by Andrew Hughes and Graham Caplin – 21st December, 2021

Podcast Picks, December 2021

We’ve always been lovers of podcasts, probably because of our history as radio producers, and now they’re incredibly popular both to listen to and to record. So with a wealth of choices availilable, we thought it was time to recommend just a few of the amazing stories we’ve been listening to of late.

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Christmas Opening Hours 2021

by Graham Caplin – 7th December, 2021

These are our opening hours for the
2021 Christmas and New Year period:

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An Introduction to Radio Mic Hire and Technique, Part 3

by Graham Caplin – 31st May, 2021

Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

In the previous two parts of this series I’ve presented the differences between wired and radio mics, and shown the various options available. I’ve also given you plenty of hard-won tips for using radio mics properly and professionally. In this final part I’ll give you some strategies for maximising your budget without compromising your sound.

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An Introduction to Radio Mic Hire and Technique, Part 2

by Graham Caplin – 24th May, 2021

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

In the first part of this series we looked at the basic differences between wired and radio mics, and the various options available when choosing your radio mics. In this second part I have a few tips and techniques to bear in mind for getting the best out of your equipment.

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An Introduction to Radio Mic Hire and Technique, Part 1

by Graham Caplin – 17th May, 2021

Radio Microphone Types

I was recently asked to give a short online presentation to a group of around 100 teachers on the subject of Microphone Hire and Technique. This is the first part of that presentation, written from my experiences working with schools and colleges as well as hiring equipment to amateur and professional customers.

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Back to Recording in the New Normal – for now.

by Mark Hall – updated 2nd July, 2020

London Recording Studio

It’s been a few weeks since we updated our recording studio in Hammermith into a Covid-19 secure environment. Like everyone coming to terms with this rather strange start to a new decade at first of all it didn’t seem real. From a busy first two months of the year suddenly, as Jeff Wayne would say in his War of The Words adaptation “Abruptly, the sound ceased”.

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