“Standby Studio, We’re Going Live…”

by Andrew Hughes – 2nd May, 2017

Jeff Brazier in radio studio

For many years radio PR has been an effective way of getting your message across to a large audience, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. If you aren’t aware of what radio PR is, the idea is to use radio interviews to let the listening public know all about your product, service or campaign.

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Choosing Earpieces for your Walkie Talkie Hire

by Graham Caplin – 27th February, 2017

DP1400 radio earpieces

What’s the difference between the types of earpieces Radio Facilities supplies, and which do you need? Not all earpieces are equal, and depending on the environment some may work better than others.

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How much should I spend on a microphone for a home voiceover studio?

by Andrew Hughes – 16th February, 2017

London Podcast Studio

How much should I spend on a microphone for a home voiceover studio?

Probably less that you would think.
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Ways To Reduce Your Radio Mic Hire Costs

by Graham Caplin – 12th January, 2017

radio mic rack system

It’s a common issue; the ambition for your upcoming production is growing, whilst your budget is shrinking rapidly! How are you ever going to stage a one-week run of Starlight Express when you can barely afford a pair of roller skates? Don’t panic!

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Preventing mouth clicks for voiceover artists

by Andrew Hughes – 8th December, 2016

headphones with green apple

An artist recently asked us at the end of the session, how she could best prevent mouth clicks. She was new to the voice industry and was relatively nervous before the session. As the session began, she became more and more concerned that the clicks were being picked up on the recording.

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Correct Positioning Of Tape-to-Face Radio Mics

by Andrew Hughes – 16th September, 2016

theatre head mic on dummy

Although our beige headsets remain our most popular radio mic hire item, we receive more and more requests for head radio mics which are taped to the face. Some people are nervous about using them, because they are unsure where to position the mic capsule.

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