Back to Recording in the New Normal – for now.

by Mark Hall – updated 2nd July, 2020

London Recording Studio

It’s been a few weeks since we updated our recording studio in Hammermith into a Covid-19 secure environment. Like everyone coming to terms with this rather strange start to a new decade at first of all it didn’t seem real. From a busy first two months of the year suddenly, as Jeff Wayne would say in his War of The Words adaptation “Abruptly, the sound ceased”.

Keen to get back up and running safely we quicky enlisted the help of a healthcare profession to audit the studio environment. We were very pleasantly surprised by the results.

The Recording Environment

First of all our recording booth is already a secure enviroment. For now, reducing the capacity from two voiceartists to one provides a safe environment for the artist. We encourage the artist to bring a copy of the script with headphones and surfaces wiped down with medical grade disinfectants between sessions. Next, the control room. At Radio Facilities* we have a completely separate space in which to record and communicate with artists via talkback. There is no need for the artist to ever be in the same room as our technical operator with the Pro Tools.

Our social space has seen some changes as well. For example we encourage you to use hand sanitiser on entry to our studio and for now please do not think us mean for not making you a coffee!

Control Room Zoom Camera
Directing Sessions

One of our most successful and growing areas is allowing clients to direct their voiceover using Skype or Zoom. In the past where you may have visited us to direct your artist now we can connect you via new technologies. This means you can hear, and see them, making the process as smooth as before.

Radio Facilities recording studio is fully equipped to record voiceovers on Source Connect in amazing quality. We also offer the more traditional ISDN in all kinds of connectable formats. If your voice talent has a set up at home, we can conduct the session, record and take care of all the hassle and finish all the editing. All you need to do is turn up, on Zoom!

Technology has enabled us to continue to offer our full range of services, albeit in a new way for now, voice to picture. presentations, showreels, podcasts, audiobooks and more. All are possible but just with more security for all those involved in mind.

Mic Booth Zoom Camera
Working with Us

If you have a job you really need to get done but have some reservations why not just give us a call. We can walk you around on a Facetime chat or just explain how we can fulfil your needs. Alternatively if you are close to Hammermith pop in. We are confident you’ll leave with peace of mind and you can leave with a new mask for the journey home. We have a large supply free to our clients!

While things have changed – nothing has changed. We can work within new rules with our new normal for now. Whatever recoding you need we can make it happen. For example we produceda four contributor podcast we recorded and produced for Shine Cancer Support just the other week. Let’s keep going for now and help you fulifl the needs of your clients in a way that works safely for all.

*Radio Facilites offers all kinds of industry recordings in our Covid secure sudio in Hammermith. ProTools digital recording and editing are included in the “per hour” rate. We are able to offer music sourcing and all kinds of creative advice too. We hope to see you, probably on Zoom, soon!

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