Preparing for a Radio Day in the Studio

by Andrew Hughes – 16th August, 2017

Denise Welch and Dr Hilary Jones

We regularly receive radio day bookings in our studio from PR companies. In reality, we should probably re-name these “radio PR mornings”. Most clients tend to find that 3-4 hours in the morning is quite sufficient to hit the required number of radio stations!

Sometimes a new agency approached us who have never done a radio day before and ask us what paperwork they need to supply us with in advance. Here’s our guide to the necessary paperwork.

1. The Engineer’s Sheet

This generally isn’t given to the client because it contains contact info for all the radio stations. You wouldn’t want them to go directly to stations in the future!

For each station you should supply:

  • The timeslot
  • The station name
  • If using local statistics, the station’s geographical area (e.g. Yorkshire, Cardiff)
  • Presenter and (sometimes) producer name
  • Is the interview going to be carried out via Skype, ISDN or phone?
  • ISDN or studio phone number (see above)
  • Emergency contact phone number in case we have any connection issues
  • Is the interview going live or pre-recorded?
Jane Asher
2. The Client Sheet

The PR agency generally sends the client a slimmed-down “client sheet”. In other words, the same sheet as the engineer, but with any contact telephone numbers or emails removed. Sometimes, the agency also includes listening figure statistics for the radio station. These figures are usually the weekly reach figure for the station.

3. Details of the Radio Day Story Itself.

The studio you are booking into is going to be representing your brand for the morning, so it’s important that you brief them fully. Usually you will have sent an information sheet to the radio stations, so you can always forward this on to the studio too. The studio will ask you:

  • Who is attending from the agency or agencies?
  • Who is the spokesperson?
  • What is the story?
  • Which brand is the end client?
  • Do you have any special requests or instructions?

We hope you have found this guide to setting up your first radio day useful. Please call us if you need more help.

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