Can Taxis and Wifi Cause Radio Mic Interference?

by Andrew Hughes – 28th November, 2017

radio mic interference 1

Of course the answer is that radio mic interference is highly unlikely and has never happened to one of our customers yet. However it’s one of the questions we get asked most frequently. You’re hiring radio mics for your school play, but are you going to pick up the local taxi company during that crucial scene?

The short answer is “no” and here’s our beginners’ guide to the reason why. We live in world with a multitude of devices which require radio frequencies: radio mics, television, radio, wifi, astronomy and walkie talkies. Each of these devices runs on its own range of frequencies or wavelength. Radio waves come in all shapes and sizes from very shorty ones to long wave. We call the range of waves the “radio spectrum”.

The Spectrum

In the UK, the radio spectrum is organised and policed by the office of communications, more commonly known as Ofcom. This department not only regulate the programmes provided to your television or radio. Additionally, they also look after the radio spectrum to make sure all the users can co-exist without disrupting each other.

radio mic interference 2
Policing the Airwaves

Not only do they regulate within the UK, they also work with international organisations. For example, some of our radio mics can operate across Europe thanks to each country’s regulator agreeing a common frequency range.

We all play by the rules

Of course, this assumes that all other radio frequency users nearby are sticking to the rules! What happens if someone else nearby is on the wrong frequency or transmits on the incorrect power? You may get interference.

If this happens you can do one of two things. Firstly you could move to a different frequency to avoid the problem. Alternatively you could approach Ofcom to investigate the source of the interference, although this isn’t a quick fix.

So in summary, each type if device is allocated to a different part of the spectrum. Provided everyone sticks to their correct frequencies, we’re all happy and interference free!

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