What will the impact of a hard Brexit be on the pan-European radio mic frequency band?

by Andrew Hughes – 21st February, 2019

Way back in 2015, I wrote about the introduction of a new Europe-wide radio mic licence band. This band is effectively 823-832 Mhz and we have found it to be a very useful addition to our Ofcom licence. With Brexit fast approaching, I thought it might be useful to look at what “no deal” Brexit might mean for radio mic customers using a “programme maker and special event” (PMSE) licence.

Prior to this 2015, customers would contact us wanting to take our equipment abroad. Generally, the UK’s frequencies would not be legal in the country where they were heading. We had to advise our customers to hire locally. All that changed in 2015, with the introduction of the new Europe-wide band. Our customers have now taken out kit to France, Germany, the Netherlands and many other countries across Europe.

I’m pleased to say that Brexit should not affect the pan-European band. This is because the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations look after the harmonisation of frequencies and standards. They are a coordinating body for telecommunications across 48 member countries.

The organisation looks after technical standards in the broadcast, media and postal industries and ensures that standards are the same across member countries. Therefore there is no reason to believe that the UK will leave this organisation after a hard Brexit. Hence my view that we can continue to use the 823-832MHz band come what may on March 29th.

Read more about the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Conference_of_Postal_and_Telecommunications_Administrations.