Setting up the Peavey Messenger Lite Small PA System

by Graham Caplin – 25th September, 2017

Peavey messenger PA system

The Peavey Messenger Lite small PA system is deceptively powerful, and very easy to setup. This guide will lead you through a few easy steps from opening the flightcase to operating the equipment.

Before you start, please note how everything is stored when you receive the equipment. This will help you to pack it away again correctly at the end of your hire. The following standard items are supplied with your Peavey Messenger Lite:

The additional cables supplied with your Peavey Messenger Lite
  • 2x 5m loudspeaker leads – with a ¼” jack plug at each end
  • 2x 5m loudspeaker extension leads – with a ¼” jack plug at one end and a ¼” jack socket at the other
  • 1x 13a mains power lead
  • 2x loudspeaker stands with a carry-bag

Step 1.
Step 1: slot the top of the loudspeaker stand into the base of the speaker

Extend the loudspeaker stands, and place a loudspeaker on each stand, via the small mounting hole on the base of the speaker. We suggest you place the loudspeakers as far apart as is convenient, and as far as the cables will safely allow. However, you should be careful that the cables do not represent a trip hazard. To this end it is advisable to place a mat over the cables where they cross walkways. Radio Facilities is not liable for injuries which may occur from poor placement of the equipment.

Step 2.
Step 2: use this lead to plug into the back of each loudspeaker

Take one of the loudspeaker leads (with a jack plug at each end) and plug it into the back of the first loudspeaker. Then take the other loudspeaker lead and plug it into the second loudspeaker. If necessary use the extension leads (the ones with a jack plug at one end and a jack socket at the other) to extend the leads, so that they are long enough to safely plug into the the rear sockets on the mixer, labelled “Speaker Outputs”.

Step 3.
Step 3: connect the 13a mains cable to the rear of the mixer

Take the 13a mains lead and plug it into the rear of the mixer, and then plug the other end into a 13a socket. Remember to ensure that the main power lead is not stretched, as this could be potentially hazardous. Once the cable is plugged in at both ends, switch the power on.

Step 4.
Step 4: plug your audio sources into the front of the mixer

Connect your microphones and other sound equipment to the appropriate sockets on the front of the mixer:

  • Microphones plug into the input socket labelled “MIC”
  • Guitars, keyboards, and other instruments plug into the input socket labelled “LINE” on the front panel
  • Music sources such as computers and phones can plug into the two phono sockets on channel 4/5 labelled “L” and “R”

Step 5.
Step 5: be GENTLE when you turning up the faders, as the Peavey Messenger Lite is VERY powerful

Caution: the Peavey Messenger Lite is a far more powerful system than you will expect, so when turning up audio levels you should be cautious. Start quietly, and get louder – this is preferable to making your ears ring right at the start!

Push the two “MASTER LEVEL” faders on the right-hand side of the mixer until the white stripe on each fader is level with the number 4. Next, GRADUALLY push up the faders for each sound source, and try speaking into the microphone. You can then adjust the sliders (1 and 2) until the volume is high enough, but be aware that if you push the sliders too far the loudspeakers will squeal – this is called feedback. If you’re gentle you will hear this start to happen before it becomes uncomfortable, and then you can pull the sliders back a little. If you place a microphone directly front of either loudspeaker you will also get this squealing. You should position the loudspeakers so that at no time will anybody with a microphone walk in front of them. Before your event starts you may like to test this by walking around the area with a ‘live’ microhone to make sure it doesn’t feed back.

If you have any problems operating the equipment that are not covered in this guide please call us:

  • Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm – 020 3355 8188
  • Outside of these hours – 0845 838 2332

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