Show Us Your Show, And Get 10% Off Your Next Hire!

by Graham Caplin – 19th January, 2022

Live Sound Engineering

We hear plenty of stories about the shows and events our customers are involved in, but we rarely get to see the results. So we would love to see what you do using our hire kit! Send in your photos and videos for us to post on our social media feeds – giving you the credit of course – and in return, if we use your content we’ll give you a 10% discount on your next hire with us.

Naturally there are a few conditions to bear in mind.
  • First and most important, you must ensure that anybody shown has given their consent for us to post the media on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, and on the Radio Facilities website. In particular, where children are shown then you MUST ensure that their parents consent to us using the image. We will assume that if you send us the media then you have checked this and are giving us your and their permission to use the footage.
  • Photos and video footage should clearly show the equipment being used by you, and of course we want to see our logo in there somewhere!
  • Keep videos reasonably short – a two-hour epic won’t make the cut unfortunately, so a maxumim video length of 30 seconds is ideal. Action shots are great, but blurry images… not so much!
  • For obvious reasons we won’t be able to use any media that might be considered risqué or offensive, so please ensure that anything you send is tasteful!
  • Do include your Facebook and Twitter names so that we can tag you when we post, but remember that we can’t guarantee to use every item we receive. We’ll let you know if we use the content, and we’ll give you a 10% discount on your next hire if we do.

So get filming, and show just us how good your productions are! We look forward to seeing what you do.

  • Send your media to: [email protected]
  • Give your name and the hire details, and confirm that everyone shown in the media has given consent for us to use their image.
  • Only one discount per hire is allowed. Our minimum hire charge of £30 + VAT applies, so we are unable to reduce any hire charge below this.
  • Discounts will apply to equipment hire only. Delivery and collection costs cannot be discounted.

The above photo is by Yomex Owo on Unsplash