Voice Artists

Male Voice Artists

David Vickery – Classic, Articulate, Warm, Believable
Age Range: 20 – 50
Styles: RP/Neutral

Drew White – Expressive, Engaging, Fresh
Age Range: 20 – 50
Styles: RP/Neutral

Gerry Wilson – Irish, Versatile, Conversational
Age Range: 20 – 50
Styles: Irish / Neutral

Ebs Akintade – London, Bright, Upbeat
Age Range: 20 – 40
Styles: London, Neutral

David ‘Kid’ Jensen – Friendly, Warm, Authoritative, Urgent
Age Range: 40+
Styles: Canadian, North American

Oliver Dukcevic – Confident, Contemporary, Bright
Age Range: 20 – 30
Styles: RP/Neutral, Estuary

Sean Bolger – Friendly, Smart, Informal, Trustworthy
Age Range: 20 – 50
Styles: RP/Neutral, London, Southern England

Female Voice Artists

Elinor Hamilton – Bright, Natural, Warm, Engaging
Age Range: 20 – 50
Styles: RP/Neutral, Northern, Cockney, West Country, Scouse

Elizabeth Ollier – Assured, Authoritative, Clear, Confident
Age Range: 20 – 50
Styles: RP/Neutral

Emily Simpson – Bright, Fun, Informative
Age Range: 20 – 50
Styles: RP/Neutral

Emma Hignett – Informative, Warm, Clear
Age Range: 20 – 50
Styles: RP/Neutral, North West

Fran Churchill – Warm, Smooth, Relaxed, Reassuring
Age Range: 20 – 50
Styles: RP/Neutral

Helen Quigley – Cool, Calm, Smooth
Age Range: 20 – 50
Styles: RP/Neutral, London, Teeside, Northern

Lowri Walton – Young, Bright, Friendly
Age Range: 20 – 30
Styles: Welsh

Trish Bertram – Authoritative, Informed, Sultry, Friendly
Age Range: 40+
Styles: RP/Neutral

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

We are a London voiceover studio, offering recordings and connections across the world. The studio is located in Hammersmith, West Lomdon. We are 1 minute from both tube stations, which are served by 4 lines (District, Piccadilly, Hammersmith and City and Circle Lines).

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Is an engineer included?

Yes, an engineer is included, to make everything go smoothly.

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How do I direct my session?

There are three ways: in person in Hammersmith, over the telephone or on Skype.

Do you open at weekends and overnight?

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am-6pm.

We can operate out-of-hours in certain cases. However we charge an additional 50 percent on our standard prices. There is also a minimum booking duration of 4 hours.

How much will the project cost?

Generally there are three parts to the fee:

  • The studio fee – typically between £90+VAT to £110+VAT/hour
  • The artist’s session fee – their cost for attending the session
  • The artist’s usage fee. If you are using the artist’s voice to promote a product via online or broadcast, the artist is entitled to a usage fee

Contact us using with details of your project for an estimate

Can you connect to other studios?

Yes. Our London radio studio can connect via Source-Connect, Source-Connect-Now, ISDN, Skype or telephone.

Will you carry out a line test in advance?

Yes. We like to do a short test connection first and don’t charge for this. Following a successful test, we then confirm your booking.

How do I pay for my booking?

You can make payment by BACS or with a card online or over the phone. We accept all cards, except American Express. Additionally, for certain customers we offer 30 day payment terms (with a purchase order).

Do you charge for telephone and ISDN calls?

There is no charge for UK ISDN or telephone calls. However we do charge for overseas calls at BT rates. Bear in mind that international ISDN calls can be rather expensive. For example, a call to the USA is almost £1.50 per minute!

Who do you work with?

We’ve worked with hundreds of voice artists, actors and agencies over the years.

See some of the famous faces who’ve been in our London voiceover studio lately.

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