We’re Still Recording

Recording From Home

Many of our customers have asked if there is a way to record their project whilst following the government advice to stay indoors. We’ve worked hard with many of our voice artists to provide a seamless, high-quality recording capability to help keep your projects on track.

We’ve set ourselves up to record our team at home with superb results, and here’s an example of some of our voices recorded in this way. We think you’ll agree that the quality is as good as if they were in the studio with us.

These are just a few of our talented voice artists. See the full list, and listen to their showreels here.

Can You Record Me At Home?

If your project requires that you use your own voice instead, for example for your podcast or recording your audiobook, we’ll use a system called SourceConnect NOW. This is web-based and gives superb results, and all you need is an internet-connected computer – Mac or Windows – with Google’s Chrome browser, and a microphone and earpiece. For the microphone you can use your smartphone earphones, but if you do have a dedicated mic instead then that’s even better!

One of the key aspects for any recording setup is deadening the recording environment – you don’t want to sound like you’re recording in your bathroom! Fortunately this is really easy to achieve, and as you can hear from the examples above some of our voice artists are simply putting a blanket over their heads while recording!

Using SourceConnect NOW won’t cost you anything, and here’s an example of a podcast we’ve recorded in this way.

An excerpt from the latest episode of “Not Your Grandma’s Cancer Show”, recorder via SourceConnect NOW

How Do I Get Started?

If you need a voice artist, have a listen to showreels from our team to find the right voice for you. If your project uses your own voice we’ll help to get you set up with SourceConnect Now – don’t worry, this is really simple.

Whatever your project requires, give us a call to discuss your needs, on 020 3355 8188. We’re still recording, and you can be too.