Wheelchair Accessibility at Radio Facilities

by Andrew Hughes – 3rd October, 2019

Disabled logo photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

We have recently taken steps to make our office and studio as wheelchair accessible as it can be. In this blog, we explain these measures.

Our studio is now wheelchair accessible to the majority of users with standard sized chairs. However we are based in an old building which has a rather narrow lift. Its doors are only 69cm wide which may be too narrow for some larger chairs.

Building Entrance
Wheelchair ramp at building entrance

The building entrance has a small step, approximately 10cm high. We can provide a 2 foot ramp to negotiate this (see photo).

The entrance and reception area are level.


The lift provides access to our floor (see photo). The doors of the lift are 69cm wide, which is suitable for the majority of wheelchairs.

However we advise you to check the width of your chair as this may be too narrow for some larger chairs.

Office Area

There is a very small ramp at the entrance to our office, due to a transition from carpet to wooden flooring.

Control Room Area

The door opening is 79cm and there is level wooden flooring throughout.

Voice Booth
Wheelchair accessible studio

The voice booth sits on heavy soundproofing to prevent the transfer of noise and is therefore raised 12cm off the floor.

We have a metal rectangular platform which can be positioned at the height of the booth as well as a 2 foot ramp which can be placed on the platform to provide wheelchair access. The user needs to turn their chair through 90 degrees when on the platform, to enter the booth (see photo).

The door opening to the booth is 76cm wide. Inside the booth, there is a table for microphones and scripts. The table is 75cm high.


There is a wheelchair-accessible toilet in the building’s basement, accessed via the lift described above.

Read our Accessibility Statement