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vocal microphones for live sound, stage and recording

Shure SM58

Shure SM58 Microphone

The classic stage mic, a favourite for decades and still as popular. Robust design combined with good feedback rejection and rich, warm sound.

i The Shure SM58 has a cardioid polar pattern.
This first-generation design does not sound as ‘bright’ as the newer Beta SM58. Many prefer this original design for its warmth.

Shure Beta SM58

Shure Beta SM58 Microphone

Shure’s update on the classic, the beta 58 is more sensitive with a higher output level and deeper bass response. Ideal for use with quieter vocalists.

i The Shure Beta SM58 has a supercardioid polar pattern.
The updated design has a crisper tone, and better feedback rejection than the SM58.

Sennheiser e835

Sennheiser e835 Microphone

Consistent sound quality coupled with an ability to cut through high on-stage levels well. Exellent feedback rejection is a bonus.

i The Sennheiser e835 has a cardioid polar pattern.
This is the chief rival amongst touring bands to Shure’s SM58, and is highly praised by many vocalists.

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vocal microphones for recording

Neumann TLM103

Neumann TLM103

A professional studio microphone giving crystal clear well-balanced sound – a recording industry standard.

i The Neumann TLM103 has a cardioid polar pattern.
It is provided with a cradle (pictured) and a foam wind shield, but requires a microphone stand, which is not supplied as standard

Rode NT1-A

Rode NT1-A Microphone

Well suited to a variety of recording tasks, the NT1-A excels at vocals, and will also do justice to guitars and percussion.

i The Rode NT1-A has a cardioid polar pattern.
It is provided with a cradle but requires a microphone stand, which is not supplied as standard

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miscellaneous microphones

Coles Lip Microphone

Coles Lip Microphone

The classic commentator microphone, generally regarded as the leader in its field. It was originally designed by the BBC and is extensively used for live sports commentary worldwide.

i The Coles Lip Mic reproduces high quality commentary speech from noisy surroundings by cancelling out a considerable degree of background noise. It is also not unduly affected by wind noise.

Audio-Technica AT897

Audio-Technica AT897

A lightweight 11″ shotgun microphone ideal for video / film recording and front-of-stage use. It requires phantom power either from external supply or via AA battery (supplied).

i Supplied with foam wind shield and microphone clip

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40m Multicore Cable

40m 8/4 Multicore / Stage Snake with XLR Connectors

40m 8/4 Multicore Cable with XLR Connectors

i 8/4 means 8 male-to-female XLRs in one direction (sends) and 4 male-to-female XLRs in the opposite direction (returns). Ideal for use with equipment over long distances.

15m Multicore Cable

15m 8/0 Multicore / Stage Snake with XLR Connectors

15m 8/0 Multicore Cable with XLR Connectors

i 8/0 means 8 male-to-female XLRs in one direction (sends) only. This 15m multicore cable is ideal for use with microphones and other equipment being used over long distances.

Microphone G-Clamp

Microphone G-Clamp

Securely suspend mics from standard 48mm lighting bars, perfect for shotgun mics such as the AT897.

i If there is no space to position shotgun mics on stands at the front of the stage, this is an ideal alternative.

Rode Mini Boompole

Rode Mini Boompole

Used for video and film sound recording. The pole is hollow with slots at either end to feed the mic cable internally, and accepts a standard mic clip at the top.

i Extends from 83cm to 210cm

20m XLR Lead

20 metre XLR lead

Useful for when you’re positioning a microphone a long way from the mixing desk, or in an awkward place

i Ideal for connecting AT-897 shotgun mics which are being suspended from a lighting bar with an optional G-Clamp

Boom Microphone Stand

Boom Microphone Stand

Free-standing microphone stand, perfect for vocalists or when placing mics in front of guitar cabinets

i The stand extends from 1m to 1.7m high, and the book arm is 70cm in length.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a question below for more information

When do I need to book?

It’s always best to book as soon as possible. We don’t hold equipment based on quotations and get very busy near the end of school terms.

Which type of microphone is best?

It all depends on what you are using them for. We stock wireless mic systems too, so you may wish to consider these.

If you call us, we can advise.

Are cables included?

Yes, we supply short cables with all mics. However if you require longer cables, please add the 20 metre XLR cables or a multicore to your basket.

When will the equipment be delivered and collected?

Our couriers work Monday to Friday only. Your equipment will be delivered on the working day before and collected on the working day after between 9am and 4pm. Unfortunately we can’t give more accurate times.

However if you provide us with your mobile number you should receive a text with a 2 hour time window on the morning of delivery.

Will you come and set up the equipment up for us?

In certain circumstances, we can provide a technician. Contact us for details. However we are a “dry hire” company, meaning we usually supply the equipment by courier and leave you to set it up. We send you a simple guide for how to do this and supply 24 hour telephone support.

How do pay for my booking?

We take payment by BACS or with a card online or over the phone. We accept all cards, except American Express. In addition, for certain customers, we offer 30 day payment terms (with a purchase order).

Who do you hire to?

We provide microphone hire to the whole of the UK. Our microphone hire clients include:

Many hundreds of schools, colleges and universitites. In addition we have hired to British Airways Clubs, John Lewis, House of Fraser, Stagecoach Theatre Arts, Fortnum & Mason, The White Company, Fever-Tree, Royal United Services Institute, Roedean School and also Absolute Radio.